Tunisia has established a thriving network for the dissemination of MSCA information

MSCAdvocacy actively participated in a meeting hosted by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research during the second edition of the Tunisian-European Science and Innovation (TESI) Days in Tunis.
Bedis ElAcheche

The event, held to celebrate 20 years of EU-Tunisia cooperation in science and technology (S&T), brought together MSCA National Contact Points (NCPs), researchers, university grant officers, and representatives from other EU programmes such as ERASMUS+ and COST.

Professor Souad Rouis, a former MSCA Staff Exchange Fellow, shared her positive experience with the audience, highlighting how the fellowship helped her develop skills in project conception, management, and coordination. She also mentioned the challenges she faced during the administration of the Staff Exchange programme.

Tunisia is a role model for effective MSCA promotion

Tunisia has effectively established a strong network of MSCA NCPs within the country, providing valuable information and support to both academic and non-academic organisations. This well-organised support system has led to impressive levels of MSCA participation in Tunisia. In Horizon 2020, Tunisian institutions have been involved in 97 projects through 75 signed MSCA grants. The country has excelled particularly in areas such as food security, marine and maritime research and bioeconomy, climate actions, environment and resource efficiency.

Tunisia is currently the only African and Arab nation associated with the Horizon Europe programme. Through the Association Agreement, Tunisian research and innovation entities are able to fully participate in the framework programme on an equal footing with EU member states.


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