Supported countries

MSCAdvocacy is supporting the European Commission in a more strategic orientation of the MSCA cooperation with 20 selected international partner countries and six regions on a global level.

On the bilateral level the project focus’ on key partner countries having concluded bilateral S&T Agreements with the EU: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, India, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine and the United States.

On the second level the focus is on regions with bi-regional R&I policy dialogues, established notably with: African Union, ASEAN, LAC, Mediterranean partner countries, Eastern Partnership countries and Western Balkans.


  • Algeria (CIHEAM)
  • Argentina (SPI)
  • Australia (DLR)
  • Brazil (SPI)
  • Canada (DLR)
  • Chile (SPI)
  • China (SPI)
  • Egypt (CIHEAM)
  • India (SPI)
  • Japan (DLR)
  • Jordan (CIHEAM)
  • Korea (DLR)
  • Mexico (SPI)
  • Morocco (CIHEAM)
  • New Zealand (DLR)
  • South Africa (ZSI)
  • Switzerland (ZSI)
  • Tunisia (CIHEAM)
  • Ukraine (ZSI)
  • United States (DLR)


  • African Union (DLR)
  • LAC (DLR)
  • Mediterranean partner countries (CIHEAM)
  • Eastern Partnership countries (CeRISS)
  • Western Balkans (ZSI)