Enhancing MSCA Participation in Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges and Strategies

The MSCAdvocacy online event for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) on 29 May 2024 delved into the specific challenges faced by each region in LAC and the imperative to support NCPs in effectively disseminating information about MSCA.
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Co-hosted by LAC NCP Net, the event brought together NCPs from the region along with representatives from EURAXESS WW, MSCA Net, and the European Commission. Gerard Bros Pérez of the European Commission provided insights into MSCA participation trends in LAC while Claudia Romano, Coordinator of LAC NCP Net, shed light on the status and challenges encountered by MSCA NCPs in the region. Additionally, Christina Gómez from EURAXESS WW and Xavier Eekhout from MSCA Net shared their institutions’ contributions to MSCA.

The discussion primarily focused on expanding the scope and increasing participation in MSCA opportunities within Latin America and the Caribbean. Participants identified potential synergies for collaboration between MSCA and other EU programmes and projects. They also emphasized the need for enhanced training, increased resources for NCPs, and a higher number of multipliers for MSCA. The call for greater cooperation among NCPs, EURAXESS, MSCA Net, and MSCAA was made to foster better synergies. The participants highlighted the importance of improving communication channels among NCPs and stressed that strategic promotional activities are crucial for informing universities and research institutions in LAC about participating in MSCA. Furthermore, it was underscored that more MSCA NCPs should engage with universities and research institutions in LAC to further enhance participation.

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